Our offer covers all stages of the brand-customer relationship

We offer a consistent approach to e-commerce, with teams in constant communication. Each component of the offer is interdependent with the others but can also be considered individually.

Have a specific need? We have solutions!

Whatever your project, we cover the entire shopping tunnel and have an expert response for you formulated by Talents with solid e-commerce experience.


A well-conceived strategy is the driver of every successful e-commerce roadmap.

With more than 12 years in business and a hundred or so successfully completed projects, The Other Store has developed the knowledge and technical expertise you need to help your brand grow. Whether you need to audit an e-shop or an e-commerce system, train your teams, define a strategy or formalise a business plan, our Talents are at your disposal to do better together.


The equation Turnover = Traffic x Conversion Rate x Average Basket is central to any e-commerce activity.

It all starts with the Acquisition Team. A single watchword dominates: return on investment. Or rather ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).



The Other Store is Shopify-centric.

All our know-how is built around this technological platform, so rich in possibilities. Migrations, set-up, maintenance, graphic designers, developers and project managers are mobilised to write beautiful stories with our partner brands.


Transformation facilitated by sound technology also and above all requires a skilful and daily management of the shop.

For over 10 years, The Other Store has been taking on the role of merchant by directly managing the e-shops of its partner brands. Brand Managers, E-shop Managers and Marketplace Managers all work in synergy to develop the performance of each of our partner brands by making the most of Data.

Order processing, delivery, customer service

A range of services to reinforce the coherence and completeness of The Other Store's offer.

Your brand's logistics are too complex to manage? Let us take care of it! The same goes for customer service: our account managers are there to deliver the most powerful and rewarding brand message to your customers.

Loyalty building

There’s only one objective here: to make sure your customers return to your e-shop and your shops.

To buy again. An haute couture strategy focused on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which is the little booster we've been waiting for to come back to you. The Other Store knows how to do that too!

« GO live » of the support.

At every stage, dedicated teams to maintain the virtuous circle of acquisition/transformation/loyalty.

Synergie trafic/revenus/fidélisation


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