Managing a retail business is first and foremost a trading profession.

Turnover = traffic x conversion rate x average basket

The mechanics remain identical whether online or offline, with these 4 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) taking centre place.

The Other Store monitors numerous metrics on a daily basis over 4 key steps to achieve your ambitious objectives and monitor your performance:



To make sure people see your brand


To address anyone who corresponds to the desired customer profile, based on their age, gender, interests and behaviour

The oz metrics

# sessions



Getting people to think about or show interest in your brand.


Address anyone who corresponds to the desired customer profile and who has shown an interest in the product or product category.

The oz metrics

Volume of addresses collected
# sessions

Bounce rate



Getting people to act (in an e-commerce context: making a purchase)


Address anyone who has shown a strong interest in the brand, product or service being promoted.

The oz metrics

% new customers

Loyalty building


Get people to care enough to buy more or promote your brand


Addressing existing customers.

The oz metrics

Repurchase rate
Portion of sessions and turnover generated in CRM


An ecosystem of tools to enhance performance

A whole ecosystem of tools is mastered by the agency's Talents to underpin the arsenal of metrics ensuring the rigorous monitoring of the growth strategies deployed. They enable the teams to improve customer relations.

Shopify Toolbox

The 5 must-haves which we’d take to a desert island:

Shopify Tool

Shopify is the SaaS technology platform of the future, which boosts the purchasing tunnel and simplifies the daily routine of e-commerce management.

Google Analytics Tool

This represents an ocean of possibilities in terms of analysis, with revenue opportunities for each report.

Monday Tool

Team-based project management in real time.

So Cloz Tool

An e-commerce website is always connected with its network! Here you have perfect partner for Booking, C&C, and Unified Stock.

Actito Tool

Every good CRM strategy is based on reliable and high-performance technology, enabling the development of the most intelligent loyalty building strategies.


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