Sonia Rykiel

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In 1968, Madame Rykiel creates her own high-end ready-to-wear brand named Sonia Rykiel. The Parisian designer rebels against the norms imposed by the haute couture and kickstarts a whole new movement in the fashion industry.

With her iconoclast personality, she revisits and innovates the ready-to-wear principles by putting women’s freedom at the center of her creations. Her « Démode » philosophy, which literally means « out of fashion », induces a strong will to adapt clothes to women’s desire and not to undergo fashion trends.

Freeing herself from the fashion norms, Sonia Rykiel abandons hems, lining etc. She imposes mesh, stripes, sewing backwards and creates unique clothes that fits perfectly to a women’s lifestyle.

The « poor boy sweater »  is a perfect representative of her vision. This sweater with a masculine line has been diverted with a very feminine fantasy, and symbolises today a true emblem of the brand.

It is not to forget that Rykiel is also about a family story. Arrived in the company in 1995 as the Creative Director, Nathalie Rykiel, proud heiress of her mother, brings a new impulse to the brand and diversifies its product offering.

The brand is available today in 13 countries with a network of over 50 stores, and continues its pursuit of success through its 3 collections: Sonia Rykiel, Sonia and Rykiel Kids.

The fashion house constantly seeks to creatively innovate  and does not cease to help women become funnier and sexier with her chic and quirky collections.