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Founded in 1973 by Patrick and Gérard Pariente, Naf Naf caused a revolution in the textile industry. The brand became famous 10 years later, in 1983, by designing a suit cut in coton canvas ready to be tinted, and later on by bringing back into fashion the down jacket.

The Brand intensifies its notoriety, re-using 'les 3 petits cochons' child tale in its the 1984 advertising compaign that staged a little pig defying 'the great vilain look'.

From now on, Naf Naf is considered as a vibrant and sparkling Brand with a colorful, original, feminine, and affordable signature style. Naf Naf became an inevitable Fashion Look reference.

Today, Naf Naf is present in more dans 50 countries.
The success story goes on...


Watch the interview of Beatrice Grenade, Marketing, Communication and Digital Manager, by The Other Store.