La Fée Maraboutée

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A Fairytale Story
La Fée Maraboutée was founded in 1996 in Roanne, the birthplace of French textile industry. Jean-Pierre Baillard conceived an elegant style dedicated to women who appreciates modern and feminine fashion. This unique style enabled the rapid development of the brand.  
La Fée Marboutée imagines a timeless wardrobe, mixing inspirations and contrasts from various periods, volumes and fabrics. 
This instinctive and yet modern style, which pays a particlular attention to the material quality, the cut and finishes, that La Fée Maraboutée became in a couple of years elegant and chic women's favourite brand. 
Each boutique is conceived in a "appartment-boutique" concept where women are invited to shop in a homely environment. The Other Store's challenge was to recreate this atmosphere online, with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate e-shop which is adequate to their modern design.